iRevo Smart PC Rs. 4999 – Amazon

51-5idmk0CL._SL1000_ iRevo Smart PC Rs. 4999 – AmazonThe iRevo Smart PC is a revolutionary new product to bring PC performance to your TV. Built on Android, it is powered by iRevo’s innovative WebTop interface and backed by the iRevo Cloud for automated updates and app delivery. Lightning fast, the iRevo Smart PC features a Quad Core processor that is fully capable of handling the most demanding tasks. iRevo WebTop user interface makes it easy to use by children and first time users on a TV screen, yet powerful for use by the most demanding users. View or create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Enjoy web browsing, catch up with email, Skype with family and friends, or play your favorite Android games, such as Angry Birds. The included wireless keyboard and mouse makes it easy to interact with the Smart PC from a distance.

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